I printed a Fallout back plate for a phone dock I’m printing. The words came out backwards. I loaded the print on Cura and the print seems to be normal. Does anyone know why this is?

In the firmware an axis is inverted, or should be inverted because mechanically, the actuation is mirrored.


Has your printer printed correctly in the past?

The mirror image print can be caused by reversed xy motor connection (or inverted firmware setting). Simple shapes will print fine because they are symmetrical in either direction.


Yes, prints have come normal up to this point. But how do I do what you suggested?

How do I make it normal?

Find in the firmware invert axis false and change to true, or vise versa.

I looked through all of the folders where is it located?

Are you running Marlin firmware? If so all the necessary settings will be in the configuration.h file.

It isn’t quite as simple as just inverting the axis - you must change the X & Y end stop actions as well. Have you done any work with the Arduino development environment?

How about the usual question: What printer are you using? Is it a delta? If so, exchange the connections on two of the pylons. Both the motor connections and the end stop connections.

I’m using a Monoprice Printer, It isn’t a Delta printer.

No I’m not running Marlin Firmware. No I haven’t done any work with the Arduino development environment.


If your printer has printed words correctly in the past and is now printing them mirrored that is thing. However I had some experience with this problem in the past with a Folger tech aluminum prusa. Setting it up according to the build guide at the time made it print mirrored text. The solution to this problem was to bring the y axis end stop to the front of the printer instead of the back. Then you can either swap the dorection the machine homes they axis in the firmware however I prefer to just reverse the physical motor connection