Hey guys, I am wondering if it is possible to add a sensor to the Flashforge Creator Pro to make it auto level before every print and during prints. I have heard it is possible with Marlin firmware. Let me know. Thanks.

If you have to keep leveling your bed something is wrong with yours. I must be 100 prints since I leveled last.

What frequency are you relevelibg your bed? I only have to do minor adjustments periodically if there is a tad amount of variation between pieces of glass.

I used nylock nuts on the bottom of the bed and only level about every 100 prints

There are discussions about this out there but I don’t know of any that have done it.

Go to Google groups flashforge group and search for bed level

We are upgrading to glass now since we are trying to print parts without raft and it doesn’t stick to the bed and tape that came with the Flashforge creator Pro. I was just wondering if it is possible to add auto leveling. We don’t have leveling issues.

The trick to leveling, for me, is to make a box about 40mm less in length and width than the bed and print it with like 10 outlines. make the box .2mm tall and run the printer at 10% speed, this runs the printer slow enough, you can adjust the leveling as it prints.

I have glass on my flash forge, there is no need for auto leveling. auto leveling, for me, is for cheaper printers who can’t keep their beds straight.