I just joined 3dhubs because it seems to be a good resource. I was wondering if there are any FDM 3D printers out there with automated filament calibration? I heard that Zortrax has it but i haven’t heard of any other printer companies using it.

Are you asking about Automated filament calibraition for sizing of filament ?


Hello ellisbaker96,

Can you specify what you mean?

Our printers use 1,75 mm diameter materials.

As for the layer thickness you just need to choose the prefered thickness in the Z-SUITE software.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask. I will gladly answer them.

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Zortrax Team

Usually, when ppl are looking for new upgrade hardware, it is because there is an issue they are trying to solve. My printer is printing remarkably well and I have only measured my filament a few times just out of curiosity. If you have an issue you are trying to solve, it may be better to define that and see what comes up - as I do not think filament calibration is a solution to much of anything.

I agree with Ruggb, define the problem and determine and solution. Measuring the filament diameter and entering the value into the slicer is important and a good habit to get into. I have yet to find a filament that is reliably 1.75mm. Most seem to be around the 1.70mm mark.

Constantly adding air to a leaking tire is not a solution … fixing the leak is.