Hi i am new to 3d print, to raspberry, arduino and all those staff.

I want to install an auto level probe to my printet but i find it a bit hard to do it, is there a way to use the octoprint or the raspberry specificly for this job?

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Nope, you absolutely have to add the bed levelling probe to your ramps board if you want auto bed levelling, also you’ll need some programming skills to modify your firmware to enable it, you’ll find plenty of tutorials out there to do it.

BUT If you don’t have the skills to do it, I would recommend you stick to the manual leveling because you risk to fry your printer electronics board if you don’t know what you are doing.

I personally managed to add a capacitive bed levelling probe to my printer but I removed it a couple of weeks later because the repeatability and accurracy were not too good.

well you need some sort of autolevel mechanism whether its a probe,switch, sensor, etc… but check out the bltouch a lot of people like it and find it easy i use ir sensor