I’ve asked this question on quite a number of different forums for different and variant opinions, but I’ve heard a lot about octoprint and it looks nice, but I recently seen some things about Astroprint.

Both programs seem to have the same purpose, but It looks like Astroprint is a bit easier to use compared to Octoprint. Somebody reviewed it and said that Octoprint is a bit more advanced and more like Linux whereas Astroprint is more like Mac/Apple, where it’s cleaner and easier to use.

Also, I believe that Octoprint can only be used when your computer is connected to your home network,
but Astroprint can be used to access your printer anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

I was wondering if you guys have any experience with either of these, and another question:
If I choose one and don’t like it, can I reprogram the Pi to work with the other, and if that doesn’t work, to switch back? I’m new to Raspberry Pi’s and I still don’t know the basics, it will be coming in the mail today. Thanks!

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I haven’t used astroprint in a while but the major thing I disliked was when you uploaded your gcode to it, it analyzed it and that took a while sometimes. With octoprint I can upload the gcode and immediately start printing.

But neither one costs you any money so try them both and see how you like it.


I’ve only ever used octoprint and I think it’s pretty fantastic it’s not complicated at all. As for reusing the raspberrypi, yes not a problem you could have octoprint on one of card and swap it to astroprint on another sdcard in seconds.

The claim that you cannot use OctoPrint outside of your home network is false.
You can rather easily actually set up port forwarding to the webinterface of OctoPrint, and use it anywhere you like, including the webcam features!

Also, no worries about your raspberry pi. You can reprogram it as often as you need ^^