I have an architectural model I am ready to export to .stl for 3D printing.

Do I need to export every individual part as a separate .stl and then upload multiple files?



if you just send over the file to dominic@generation3d.ae and we can sort in and print it for you :wink:

Otherwise it should be fine just to export as a whole. Are they individual components i.e. does it need to be assembled?

Hi Alvin,

Most of the hubs here should be able to split an .stl file into multiple parts for printing although it is extra work that you may be charged for. Usually individual parts will need to be rotated independently to get them into the optimal position for printing. I would suggest splitting the file yourself so you have an idea of what each part will cost to print and you will then have individual names of the parts which will make it easier to communicate issues with specific parts.



What program are you exporting from? Are you looking for a massing model? Or a detailed model which will require assembly?

Hello , It depends The size , if any pattern does not exceed 30cmx30cmx45cm could be done in one piece , otherwise you have to export more pieces .

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Usually what I do is export as a one file, and upload as a one file. if you are using HD 3D printers

Actually it depends on bellow facts

1. 3D Printing method that you are going to use (Ex . FDM,SLS,SLA… etc)

2. Size of your model

Explain more about… Hope I can give more tips




What software are you using? Please send me an email to martin@kaproco.se. We are specialized in architecture models, see exemples on our website www.kaproco.se (Sorry for only Swedish but click on “Exempel”)


Martin Heed

Kaproco AB

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Hi, in my experience it depends on how large and complex it is and, of course, on the type of printing you’re going to require.

With common 3D printers (FDM) it would probably be better to split the model so that it could be printed floor by floor if it has more than one.

If the model is very large you’d probably need to split it in more parts per floor too trying to avoid suspended parts as they would require supports which are often tricky.

I think it depends on the kind of model and the difficulty of it. Anyway I would always recommend to export individuals so if you want to modify it some point after you would need to print less. Also joining is very easy, but dividing in parts isn’t that easy…

As a 20 years AEC modeler, and now modeling specifyc items for 3d printing, I would say that first thing you must to do is to verify that your scale model is 3d printer friendly. Your printer. It means what is your printer minimum capacity features dimensions on XY axes. 0.4mm?, 0.6 mm?. So be careful on what will not be possible to be printed at the choosen scale. I know mine is 0.4, what is a only one extruder trayectory, but it is very very fragile, some pieces broke when using. So for me, minimum is 0.8 what means two extruded filaments width

Print separate items/files. If electricity goes down while printing, think where things would go… It happens to me a time when I was printing many items at one time, and by night light gone down…

It depend of the complexity of your model and the rendering scale. And how big is the final model. You have to ask the printer s who can answering you to benefit of the best printing service.


vous pouvez exporter en un seul fichier STL votre projet , tout dépend de la taille de votre impression 3D car si votre modèle est trop grand c’est mieux de recevoir plusieurs éléments pour les assembler ensemble par la suite


Well, if you are planning to print it in one whole piece, then you can export to.stl at once (whole 3d model). But if your model has several colors or to avoid supports and overhang then you might want to export your model to .STL part by part and upload those .STLs to your slicing software to print. Later on you can assemble those parts with certain glue.

Hope it helps.



Not at all, 1 file is recommended if the parts touch each others. Otherwise, the quote might be edited to reflect handling fees, etc.


Are you referring to the individual parts of the building or multiple buildings? If you have a single building then you should turn off any layers you do not wish to be printed then save the stl. With multiple buildings it is best to print them separately to all the provider to pack them efficiently in the print space.

We will be happy to work with you on this. We do excellent work with architecture

It is generally dependent on what printer type you intent to print using, however, my experience is that nothing substitutes combining all individual geometries into a singular “watertight” .stl model. This is not what designers want to hear but it is best practice and the only way to ensure quality control.

i print with multiple files to enhance quality, because flat prints get better resluts and also most of the time models are large then the max print dimensions

so you have to split the model

Hi Alvin, depends on how you want it printed, you might separate into sections rather than multiple files,

you want to have as much contact with the base (flat is best) and as little overhangs and supports as possible

post a pic and we can let you know how best to print it

Split into separate floors would be best.


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