I recently purchased a Anycubic photon and I’m really impressed with the printing quality.

I often had problems with prints not sticking to the bed in my old FDM times…however, with my brand new Anycubic photon I have another issue.

After leveling my Z axis following the instructions from the manual I produced multiple almost successful test prints.

The problem I always encounter is, that it is almost impossible to remove the prints from the bed without using brute force (the removal tool provided with the printer is totally useless).

I’m worried about damaging my prints or the bed surface.

Does anyone have an idea how to get just enough adhesion for my prints to stick to the bed, but to be able to remove them in a normal fashion…?


Good as such. Let me introduce myself, I am Dani, I decided to buy my first 3d printer, the ANYCUBIC PHOTON.

And here I bring my problem, the design of the cube that brings by default is printed perfectly (ruling out any possible error of the machine), but the designs that I insert, whether purchased, downloaded for free or made by me, always they come “crushed”.

I have not yet written to the technical service, after writing here it would be the next step.

Solved, the problem is that I like to touch more of the account without reading, in the look ratio part you have to leave the parameters as they come standard (x 68.04, y 120.96, z 150).

There is no point in being allowed to touch something that, in doing so, distorts the impression. Reading the manual on this, indicates that normally it should be left factory but for larger impressions that come out of some axis can be changed (this escapes me) but for now I will not need to leave any axis so fixed.