Hi all!
My girlfriend gifted me a Anycubic Kossel Pulley and i was very happy with it. I’ve printed some test figures (a ship, a cube and something else…).
This evening during a printing process with cura the process was interrupted.
Now i have the trigorilla board that have a red blinking led on “power debug” and the LCD that continues to blink.

Some details:

-I cannot recognize the printer trought pronterface/usb cable
-In windows, under device section i cant find the printe under the COM3 (the original serial port used when the printer work)
-I’ve already tried to change usb cable
-I’m using the stock power supply
-I’ve ordered a new power supply from Amazon.it with the same specification of the original one, it should arrive tomorrow
-I don’t know how to print from the printer trought an SD: the LCD is unusable and the USB connection don’t work anymore (this was suggested by anycubic support)
-I’ve configured cura/pronterface as show in Anycubic YouTube channel
-I’ve used official stock firmware from Anycubic

Video: https://youtu.be/giuY3ZD2Jdg

Any ideas?