I have a Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus (upgraded version). After some initial headaches it’s now working well using the pre-installed firmware. I now want to make sure I have the latest firmware, and (if possible) make a small change to the firmware, but since the printer is actually working well now I’m worried about breaking it.

On the Anycubic website they have 3 different firmware packages for download:

1) Kossel Plus_20170712
2) Kossel_20170712
3) ANYCUBICkossel Auto leveling_20171113

The first two seem self-explanatory and contains the Arduino source code. However, the 3rd one only contains HEX images (no source code, so can’t change anything). From the date stamps it seems the 3rd one is a few months newer than 1 and 2.

Has anyone actually tried installing these different versions and can report on the results?

I know my printer is likely *not* running the source code version (1 or 2), because the message displayed on the info screen doesn’t match the source code (says “Anycubic ready”, rather than “Anycubic Plus ready”). So I started suspecting that 3 doesn’t include the auto-leveling code, which would make it way less useful. Is this actually the case?

(For reference, what I want to do is to change the serial channel used in the firmware from 0 to 3, so that I can connect a wifi-enabled ESP8266 with ESP3D to the exposed UART3 pins on the board and control it over wifi. Seems like a one-line change, but at this point I’m just worried about breaking something.)