Hi there,

i´ve just got my anycubic i3 mega, assembled it - everything felt fine. Then i started the first test print and paused it after 30 seconds because when the x axis is moving it extremely “rattles”, the black strap moving the x axis and the whole extruder head is extremely vibrating. Because of the vibration, printing results are horrible.

Sounds like somethings completely wrong but i certainly have no idea :frowning:
Hope somebody maybe does have an idea about how to fix this.

I´ve uploaded a video here:

Would love to get some tipps from you!


Hi , i had have the same problem , the motor was defect.
you can test it by connecting another motor on the same wires.
if the good motor has the same problem then the stepperdriver had to be controlled.
My printer had also an defect pcb , that one where the wires conected at the side.
check that also, .
I got an new motor and pcb from them , but be patient , there reaction is always slow and , can not be .
make an video where you proof the hole thing , then they send everything to you .
i had to wait 2 months , hope you get it faster ,
greetings MD3DD

Oh shit that sounds bad. So you unmounted another motor and changed it with the x-axis motor, right? The connector got some glue on it - i’m not sure if i can do that without destruction…

hi , yeah . take just the wire losen and swap to the extruder , the glue is just hotgun glue .
it peels easy off . but remember to turn off the power !!! remove power cord !! before doing it .
or the stepperdriver is killed ! put the wire on the good motor and with moving the x-axis on the toutch field you can then test ,
cheers MD3DD