To start off I’m still new to 3d printing. I’m not an expert but I do consider myself knowledgeable to certain degree in this field. I recently got a Anycubic i3 Mega I have read many forums and everyone seems to have problems. I think myself lucky (knock on wood) that it hasn’t given me any problems. I have read page after page and watched a several youtube videos (trust me I dont’t believe everything i see but do take into consideration what others have to offer.) on what people have experienced and come across. What I would like to know from all you fine folks is what settings do you use. Such as extruder temperatures, bed temperature, speeds of travel and printing, and fan usage. If my grammar seems terrible I apologize in advance. I’ve produced several amazing prints and some terrible prints. I want to increase my knowledge and skills and do the best that I can at this.

For PLA, 195-205c and 40-50mm/second is a good starting point. First layer speed should be around 10-15mm/second.

Best of luck!