This printer claims cmyk printing by blending filaments. They say some have shipped, but I can’t find any reviews of the actual production model and I can’t find a user group. Would love to hear from someone that has one.

I’m trying to get this paperweight to work right now actually. I work regularly with Prusas and TAZs and I had high hopes for this thing. The quad color print head looks like it should be solid. It’s the best I’ve seen design-wise so far. And that’s all that I can say about it because the support from M3D is so poor it’s yet to actually complete a print in the 6 months we’ve had it.

The support to get this thing working from the software side is unfortunately non existent and the company is a hot dumpster fire. You can’t find actual reviews or user groups because M3D actively polices and deletes anyone who raises issues or concerns. At least that’s been my experience. I can only assume it’s a company wide practice.

Our printer arrived DOA and we were refused a replacement out of the gate. And THAT has been my personal high point when it comes to dealing with M3D. I’ve never met a company more concerned with lining their pockets than supporting their own product or their customers. I stopped communication with them after several months when they were just repeatedly offering to up-sell me a warranty that would not even cover the issue I was asking about, refusing to help me to resolve the problems with their broken product unless I bought even more from them.

To give you an idea, the product was shipped with virtually no packing material to secure it and the frame arrived warped. It also arrived with both fans inoperable despite having paid extra to have it fully tested. They refuse to even work with us to resolve either issue so we are left with a useless product for our money.

I really wish I could recommend the print head. I think it has a lot of potential here. But as it stands it is a horrible investment. I really hope anyone else buys this company out and starts producing this item with the support it deserves. As long as M3D is selling it though, its just a disappointing waste of time and money.