For quite some time now I’ve helped my step dad with his 3D printers, typically doing jobs for 3D hubs before they screwed everyone over. I’m really wanting to branch out and buy my own printer. I was looking at the Ender 3 currently and plan to get it. Me and my buddies from college recently got into D&D minis and my own 3D printer would take the hassle out of planning around his schedule to print. I’ve wanted my own printer for personal use for a while so I’m not looking to do this just for money. Me and my friends are planning to take a trip to Disney World this summer, as this is probably our last year together since many of us graduate from community college and will move away (friends since kindergarten). That being said, it’d be nice to use the printer as a source of income. I plan to try to sell my service through local shops and Facebook. But I was curious if there were any good alternatives to 3D Hubs out there? Although I have experience in modeling, I’m not the most creative. I’m not looking for a site where I’d have to post models to sell I’m more interested in printing models people send me, editing models and printing them, or even making models of someone else’s idea and printing them. I’m not looking for a huge source of income, even just making the ~$200 back would be fine with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.