Just completed my A8 . Leveled bed, preheated extruder for pla 192 on extruder, 60 on bed fed the pla into extruder and it flowed, used menu to feed pla and it worked but when I select a file to print ( box.stl) nothing happens. Stepper motors work cause it can find home. Am I missing something?

The A8 wont print an stl file directly it needs to be saved via cura as a gcode file i hope this helps im still struggling to get my machine to print properly but just gotta keep plugging away lol

Be very careful as to how you have put the extruder back together.
Its not as simple as it seems.

Here is one video…

However I have found this to be the best video on how the best way rebuild an extruder is…

This solved a lot of my problems,

Hope this helps.