I have been trying to print out Mosfet mounting brackets, the frame prints out OK but when it comes to printing the standoff’s the printer seems to stop extruding.

The first time it happened I thought it may have been a problem with the extruder motor or gear, I removed the fan and checked the operation of the extruder and it was working properly.

After this I successfully printed several other small items with no trouble, I then tried to print the bracket again with the same result.

I thought at this stage it may be a fault with the Gcode file, so I downloaded the files for a different bracket and printed it, the same thing happened, I was out of the room and came back and the printer was going through the motions and by this time the extruder tip was about 1.5 mm above the print and was not extruding any filament.

I am printing at 195c extruder and 60c for the bed using PLA

Has anyone any ideas as to why?