Recently had an issue where the E-stepper stopped working mid print and clogged the whole nozzle. Replaced all that jazz and then tested extruder to find the stepper wasn’t running even when sent G-Code (G1 E10) from Cura. I tested the stepper seperatly and its fine, it appeared that the stepper driver was not running. I ordered a replacement driver from digikey and soldered it on to come back to the same issue. Hooked up some jumpers from the test points on the board and saw that the E-STEP (T7) pin was not sending a pulse when sent a G1 E1. The board is running Marlin 1.1.9.

What could be the issue with the board?

TL:DR stepper driver is not getting drive signal on ANET-A10 board

It could simply be faulty mate.
Spewin that its happened that way.
May have even cooked it…
Not saying its your fault, just they (specially the earlier boards) were not the best design.

I have purchased a backup board for this same reason

But in saying that, I have also done the mosfet upgrades for both heatbed (and heatbed upgrade) and extruder (and extruder upgrade to 50 w heater). So as yet, my board is still a happy little mother (board lol)…

Depending where you are for the sake of less than 1/4 of the price of the machine, look at a new board and go from there…

Are you heating your hot end before sending the E-stepper commands? I’m on stock firmware and there is a minimum hot-end temp for the E-stepper to work.

Heat it up and then try it again.