Hi there, we’d love to introduce you our new feature in Voxelizer. Ambient Occlusion is a shading technique commonly used in computer graphics to create more realistic images of 3D objects.

It’s based on calculations of how much light would get to certain parts of the objects in a real environment. Ambient Occlusion changes how the objects are displayed in the app but most of all it improves the quality of prints.

During 3D printing, the extruder makes some tricky and risky maneuvers. Like when it starts a new layer of filament or travels between separate parts of the model to print them. Adjusting printing settings may help in avoiding spills of filament but often there are visible seams left in places where the extruder started working. This could have dire consequences, especially when a seam is randomly placed, for example, on the front of the object.

It’s also worth to mention that the new Ambient Occlusion feature is automatic but optional. You can turn it off by changing the Visibility Mode to Simple or just by clicking Skip while generating G-codes.

If you’ve any questions about AO fell free to ask me anytime, regards!

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