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Does anyone else have experience using 3rd party resins in a MoonRay DLP printer? The company has made a shift largely to dental resins and I would love to find more engineering and design resin options than are available. I was curious about the FormLabs resins and if they might work. It just gets crazy expensive to trial and error these things that I was hoping for at least a head start.

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I have also been trying to find good resins for the MoonrayS. The formlabs resins are too thick, which doesn’t work well with the Moonray’s high tilt velocity. I’ve had pretty decent success with the eSun brand from Amazon. They don’t have any of the engineering formulations, but a good selection of colors, and the lowest prices I’ve found.
Power Resins brand Cast is the only castable resin I’ve found so far that gets good prints, but the burnouts have been very ashy.
I’ve been recommended B9 resins and Envisiontec’s EC3000 for casting, but I haven’t tried them yet.
I’ve also been looking at 3Dresyns. They have a huge selection of all sorts of resins, plus additives to tailor a resin to a printer’s specs. This seems like a good fit for MoonrayS, which doesn’t give a ton of control over exposure, velocity, pause time, etc.
Let me know if you’ve had some successes or failures, or have come across new info.


Hey PDXJewler,

I just saw this brand but have not tried it.

Maker Juice use to have a good inexpensive resin just for the MoonRay but has stopped producing it.

Also you might keep an eye out over at Apply Lab Work. I spotted them on Ebay at first but they also have a few resins made specifically for MoonRay. I emailed them a while back and got a quick response asking about what types of resins I would like to see that they didn’t already offer.

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