I use kapton tape on my printer bed to keep ABS down and prevent it from warping but as some of you might know kapton tape it pretty difficult to put down well. So I end up with air bubbles under the tape that turn into ‘dents’ on the face down side of the print. I wondering if any of you all have figured out a better way to put down kapton tape to minimize this? Thanks!

I believe Windex should make it easier to slide and adjust the tape and get the bubbles out with a credit card or something. I print ABS directly on glass with hair spray in a closed enclosure with no problem. You should give it a try.

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After you use Kapton tape as your 3D printer bed surface material, you could spray some suitable oil or solution to get it settled well. For instance, you could use ABS Juice, hair spray and other chemical solutions which could resist the formation of bubbles on the surface of the bed.

I use a solution of water and washing up liquid. Doesnt need much and only needs a drop of liquid.

Goes on lovely and smooth, use a credit card to push out the bubbles.

When it dries, it’s perfect.

Hope that helps.

I gave up on all of the tapes. I went to Wolfbite solution for ABS. It is about $20 per bottle, but a little goes a long way. It can be reapplied for a couple of prints and it washes off of the glass with water and a sponge. I have the glass set up so it can be easily removed and I just wash it off in the sink. The best feature of the Wolfbite is the release. As the bed cools, you can hear it releasing the print. The first time I heard it, I thought the glass had cracked, but it was just the print popping off of the glass. I don’t work for Wolfbite or sell it. I just really found it to be the fastest and best way to keep the print adhered to the glass and then it releases the print on its own.