Hi @jasu, as requested I have some information about my experience with 3D-EEZ that I have been trying out for the past two weeks. I have been printing with PLA and with ABS. For PLA it is excellent - the parts stick firmly to the build plate and then when cooled down the parts will pop off. For ABS it is good - the parts don’t stick as hard as PLA, but still it is sufficient. There is still the possibility of some warping with large parts but it certainly behaves better than just ABS juice.

I have noticed that it is VERY IMPORTANT to be liberal with the coating and ensure the layers are dry before use. Also Z-axis adjustment must be very carefully done. If the z-axis adjustment is too small, the nozzle is too close to the bed and the 3D-EEZ gets squished and heated too much to the bed - then the part will get stuck very very hard to the bed and it is extremely difficult to remove it. But some playing around and experience helps that - now I find it very good and I would recommend it. I will be ordering another tub. Oh and another thing - it comes in two sizes, a bottle and a tub - don’t bother with the bottle, if you’re going to get it then get the tub.

I am now going to test a product called “Buildtak” which is a film cover for the bed and is supposed to take PLA and ABS. I will advise again its effectiveness here in due course.