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3D printers, scanners, and filaments etc. are old form of technology. I would like to draw your attention towards newest Intelligent 3D pens which are similar to a miniature 3D printer.
This 3D pen is a great option to draw outlines of figures, fill the voids of a 3D printed object and even adjoin two 3D printed figures. You can get a good 3D printing pen online from ‘3D Printers Online Store’.

I am looking for 3D printers please suggest me with some names and their quality. I have been using a 3D printers which has became old and works really slow. The quality of its printing has decreased. I have been working in this project research paper USA please help me with it.

Im having a problem with my prints that I can’t figure out, there are lines in my print every few layers. I don’t think it’s extrusion because I have tested that. Maybe temperature? I’m not sure.

I have problem with my 3d printer.
When I set a model and temperature to print its heating the bed and thats ok, but when it starts to heat the end it crashes. I touched the end and it was hot but when I looked at the monitor it was written Heating crashed!!!
and the temperature was 0 of 200.
How can I fix this?