I have been looking around at various printers. I had a few questions about the Zmorph.

1. Does it provide any kind of vacuum venting for removing fumes when using the laser or printing with particular materials?

2. How does the 3d print quality compare to other printers you might have tried? There are numerous people on YouTube who review 3d printers, but I haven’t really seen this printer thoroughly compared anywhere.

3. Is there a possible color-mixing head on the horizon for full-color prints? That seems like just about the only major feature this printer doesn’t boast, but it is a useful one.

Thanks for your time.


Hi there @Fred_Curry!

I’d like to answer your questions if you’ve more feel free to ask!

  1. We’re working on the internal solution it’ll be released in the following months - for now, I suggest internal HEPA filters solution for you.
  2. I can assure that the quality print is high I’ve uploaded earlier our Customized Arduino Cases here’s the URL below I’ve uploaded a photo - see for yourself :slight_smile:
  3. As you said, it’s on the horizon. We’re making researches on that and it’s one of our goals, although at the moment we can’t say when the new head will be ready. In the meantime, we’re improving the color blending features of the dual-pro. As the example check the new image mapping function in Voxelizer. Here you can find a time-lapse video showcasing it :slight_smile:



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