Hi, I am designing a large corexy style printer and I can fit a 400mm square built plate in so here is my question: Can I buy a 400mm x 400mm heated bed or would it be easier to buy 4 seperate 200mm x 200mm heated beds? If I have to buy 4 heated beds, How do I power all 4 of them at once? Is there a specific heated bed controller I can buy or can I power all 4 off my geeetech gt2560 board?


I would recommend you to buy a silicone heater the size of your bed, powered from mains voltage. If you have a look on aliexpress you will find several companies making these to your specification, regarding power, temp-sensor, dimensions etc, for very reasonable prices (I recently bought one 900*900 millimetres and it costed me about 190 usd including shipping). For a bed that large you should also get a piece of cast aluminium tooling plate, which will stay flat when heated. To control it, just use a ssr relay connected to the main control board.

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I’ll have a little look. I did notice silicone heaters but didn’t know you could get custom ones! I’ll definitely look into it.

Very cool, thanks for the tips. How thick of a tooling plate would you suggest?