How does 3D scanning service works, I can’t upload the picture of my part

This is because you can not scan of a single picture. Highly professionals can build a camera Array (very many camers placed in a circle that shoot the object in the center at the exact same time) that is able to process those Images to a 3D objeckt with textures. But mostly 3D scanning is done with Hand Scanners, Lasers, deph sensores… there you Need to have the physical object to scan it.

In my case i use Kinect 2 from Xbox One connected to my PC to scan people. Windows 10 has a app (store) that’s named “3D Scan”. Here’s what i do.

But the short answer is that you can not upload pictures to get a 3D model.

I can scan your objects, in Paris France, if you are interested )

If you have a picture and dimensions, you could ask a hub for a “3D modeling” Service to replicate the part on the picture with the dimensions you give. That 3D modeled part could than be printed. If you pay that hub for the modeling you could get the .stl file (the 3D object file) for later replications.

But that’s just possible for simple parts. Complex objects have to be scanned.

You’d need to pay someone to come to your house and scan the part with a scanner.

If you located in Bangalore we can come to your place to do the scanning or else you can courier the part to us we scan and resend We providing 3d scanning service in Bangalore let me know if you required any more detail Regards Deepak

We provide 3d scanning for people and print it. If its engineering components provide us drawings or stp file… If drawing provided we generate 3d out of it and print it With regards Saravanan

For a scanning service the part is needed to get scanned ( not a picture of the part)

I can 3D print your picture, as a Litophane

What is your location?

Paris, France, but i can ship worldwide Marceau’s hub Service d'impression 3D à Paris | Devis instantané | Hubs

Hi Nate,

My name is Matt Filkins. I run the lab at 3D Printing Colorado. We use Artec’s line of structured light scanners. We can achieve 49-76 micron accuracy depending on what scanner best fits your application. Feel free to email me the photo’s of your part and I’ll take a look. Thanks for reaching out to us.

Matt Filkins


3d scanning must be done in person. You need to bring the item to someone with a 3d scanner or be willing to ship it to someone with a 3d scanner if you cannot find someone local.

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If you live in Bergamo I can 3d scan you

Thank you guys for your help, I am shipping my item to one of hub member to get scanned. Very useful informations.

Thank you guys for your help, I am shipping my item to one of hub member to get scanned. Very useful informations.


You would need to mail me they physical part. Then Inwouldnperform the scans to create the model