We’ve been toying around with different ideas on how to create your own 3d scanning device, so we’ve been trying to create one with an Xbox 360 Kinect. It does scan, but not very well…maybe the software we’ve tried hasn’t been the best, but so far we’ve tried Skanect, Reconstructme, David, and one other one that does “selfies”. There are some awesome handheld scanners out there, but the really good ones are very expensive.

The best scans we were able to grab were ones of people…objects are much more difficult and lighting along with reflections has a huge effect on the quality of the scans as well.

Does anyone have any experience and success with 3d scanning on here?

We have done quite a lot of 3D scanning over the last 3 years, both objects and people. You can find photos on these pages if it helps.

For object scanning we use DAVID SLS scanner. http://ideabeans.co.nz/index.php/what-we-do/high-res-3d-scanning

For people scanning we use Skanect and ASUS scanner. http://ideabeans.co.nz/index.php/what-we-do/real-time-3d-scanning

If you have time, you can have a look at some other examples we’ve done on our Facebook page too. There are many albums that contain 3D scanning stuff. You just need to find them.

Happy to answer questions if you have any. :slight_smile:


As long as you have the original Xbox Kinect and a full version of Skanect and are running a blazing fast i7 quad core processor and GeForce video card, you should be good as long as the person or object is very well lit. The freebie version of Skanect allows only 5000 faces so it’s not going to show much detail regardless of what you may see on YouTube. 5000 faces is barely enough to scan a simple object. I’ve learned this the hard way. And my first attempt was with an Xbox One Kinect -Won’t work. Has to be the original Kinect for the Xbox 360

I bought the full version of Skanect, works great!!! tons of detail and if you can go slow enough or rig something up, its very accurate!

Photogrammetry is probably the most accurate and fastest ways of 3d scanning. We have a full body 3d scanner in at Emerald 3d in Quincy, Ma. It takes .8 of a second to take 170 simultaneous pictures and 10 min to stich them all together with a computer program.

I could make my own reconstruction of body using one Kinect. The Avatar got is animated as well.

In this video you can see the result of my body scanned:



Keep the comments and suggestions coming. I love all of the experience and tips you’ve all had with 3d scanning! We’ll be playing around with some photogrammetry software specifcally PhotoModeler, but we were actually able to get a pretty good scan with the Xbox 360 Kinect and by using ReconstructMe, which was surprising. I think that with the right lighting, the Kinect works quite well. With the current project we’re working on, as soon as some parts and/or it’s completed, I’ll post some pictures.

Thanks everyone! 3D Hubs is awesome! :slight_smile:

The right lighting is KEY also. stay away from very dark or shiny things :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Why does it have to be the Xbox 360 Kinect and not the Xbox one Kinect?

I can relate. The program I use/the only one i’ve had much luck with is KScan. It is free, and the company has video tutorials/tips on youtube. You can find it here: http://www.kscan3d.com/

Good luck


I usally make a short video while walking around an object. Then take 70 frames out of it (using blender) to upload to 123dcatch. I chose to make a video instead because photos can take up more time and for small childeren to sit still is quite hard Untill now this works decent but i rather have a better solution

Some of us cannot afford 170 cameras.