Hello i am an orthopaedic in india and want to start a centre for scanning broken limbs and designing 3d cast. I have no prior experience on designing, so wish to start on a small budget around 3000$ for scanner and software. Kindly help me buying one which will suit my need and also i will be happy in buying a second hand or refurbished product if anyone interested in selling


That’s a very interesting and helpful Idea. Incorporating 3D Printing into medical field is the demand of the technology. We wish you a great success in your work.

Now coming to the query, 3D Scanning is a complex job requiring knowledge of 3d designing and scanning softwares. Also to accurately scan the parts, you need an high end scanner and that has to be movable or handheld. I think the Arctec range of scanners will be the best fit for your applications.

But as you mentioned that your budget is small i.e. 3000$, i don’t think a new good scanner will come into that range. There are some beginner level scanner like 3dsystems Sense & structure 3d scanner but the quality and accuracy is not that good.

I would like to give a suggestion that before buying any equipment related to 3d printing or scanning, do some demo tests on the equipment. These things looks very easy to use and became a headache after buying.

Similarly before buying any scanner, outsource your work to prototyping service provider companies based out in India that can help in your early work and provide proper guidance. Also, before investing in the scanner, you can simply make clay mould of the hand to be scanned and instead of scanning the hand or leg, scan the mould. You can also outsource the scanning and designing of the cast to some professionals.

Hope it helps you out.


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