Some of you may remember my Ockham Razor from earlier in the year. Initially we used 3D printing just as a prototyping tool, but now that we’re nearing completion of full manufacturing of the razor, we are launching a brand new product - a 3D printed Travel Edition Ockham Razor.

The idea for a Travel Edition came when talking with some friends about their upcoming motorcycle trip to the Americas. Although they loved the solid metal Ockham Razor, every ounce counts when it comes to packing for their adventure.

For the travel razor we are 3D printing in PLA with 2 shells. This makes the handle plenty strong enough but the hollow lattice means that the razor, including the blades, weighs less than 8 grams (0.3 ounces) and also floats! So it’s perfect for your canoe trip down the Amazon or any time you want to travel light. Ideal for astronauts!

We’ve taken advantage of Indiegogo’s InDemand platform which allows us to take pre-orders for the razors even though we raised initial funding on Kickstarter. That went live this week.

Here’s the Travel Edition. We plan to offer personalisation soon, which is where 3D printing will become even more powerful.

The 3D printing has the incidental advantage of adding nice ridges to the handle grip.


Wow, that’s very useful! Love the minimalistic design :wink:

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Nice one Rob!