I’m Sagar. I’m would like to get a small part printed out. However, I see that since the part dimensions are too small---- 1.25mmx2mmx0.75mm. . Please advise how can I get the part printed out.

In what material do you need this printed and are the dimension are for the whole (assembled?) part or for the dimensions of these small plugs? Very accurate SLA might be possible but even there you’ll need to add some kind of support structure so it doesn’t get lost.

Maybe you can check the shapeways guide for ultra detailed prints to see what’s possible:

In case the whole part has the dimensions you’ve mentioned you might need to look into multiphoton lithography… :wink:


We can print that for you. We have a wax support material that melts away, this helps us produce very small printed parts.

If you’re still looking we can help.


Hi Sagar

We could try this for you on our Envisiontec Perfactory if you have the stl file. We have printed very small detailed parts successfully for medical devices and model railway accessories recently.

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Are you sure they are the actual dimensions? Sometimes the conversion gets messed up.

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You were correct, the dimensions were messed up.

Hi Sagar

We get this happening occasionally with some customers’ stl files and it’s usually out by a scale factor of 10. Should this part be 12.5 x 20 x 7.5mm?

If so, it wouldn’t be a problem for our printer.