Hey fellow Hubs!

I’ve looking into this topic for quite some time but I’ve never made a clear decision and I still can’t. So, my PC is on my bedroom, just as my printers are. This is no problem overall, but it becomes a problem when doing big prints or when I need to study,… Because of this I was wondering if I could move the printer downstairs and control them with a Raspberry Pi equipped with octoprint. It all looks super nice and handy. The way you can control your printers from anywhere, have a live view with a camera etc. But I found some drawbacks too.

When I do certain prints, they do not always start of right from the first time so after a few layers I stop, make some changes in the slicer and start again. This is super fast in repetier, but I can see it taking way more time when doing over wifi. I would have to slice, upload the g-code and then I can start the print, wich is more of a hassle. Next to the fact my printer is downstairs so I would have to go clean the printbed and run back upstairs, sounds pretty time consuming.

How reliable is it, won’t it break connection so now and then?

Would like to hear your inputs since I can find a lot +++ but not much — about WiFi printing.

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I use WiFi printing all the time, I use a raspberry pi with a cam and octopi. I usually stick around for the 1st layer to make sure everything is going OK before I leave. I check on the print either on my mobile or my laptop if I’m working in something . In short, its great =]