Hello everyone ,

I would like your opinion regarding printing materials for Projet 660Pro .
I have found some companies like Nobel 3D, 3DPMC, ZD-16, Canada Powder that are offering materials for this kind of printers .
Does anyone here have experience with these companies ?
Wich company offers the best materials ?
I have red around the web that 3DPMC is a company that is founded from one of the Zcorp R&D departament , but unfortunatly they dont sell printing powder .
Can anyone suggest me something regarding this companies .

Looking forward to your opinions .

Kind Regards
Enerik Kapllanaj

Noble 3D makes a good powder, but ZD-16 and Canada Powder both take all day to harden. Have you had any experience with AMT Voxel?

Until now the only company i have experience is 3DPMC , i am ordering a set of printing colors from them .
I have not tried it yet the color but as far as i know they have the better color quality compared with other companies even 3D systems . Unfortunatly 3DPMC does not sell powder , it may be a reason for it …
Have you tried ZD-16 or Canada Powder on your machine ?

I would stay away from noble they are very unprofessional and the product is not as advertised. 3 months and they didn’t send me anything and then said it was my fault and finally refunded after PayPal claim.

Tried Canada Powder binders. They are fine, just need more time to harden as someone else mentioned.
I’m based in Europe though and shipping was a pain so now I’m using 3dcolors (3scolors.pl) binders. It’s a polish company, so far I’ve had no issues with them. Regarding powder I stick to the 3ds one because I’ve heard many horror stories about what the difference in density and weight can do! All on a Z850 machine.

Hello ,

The powder density it is a very important factor for this machines this is one of the reasons why i had never changed the powder . Allthought i am very curios to try a non OEM powder . This thread is almost 8 months old and in this time i had time to order some binders from 3dpmc . The company is founded from one of the inventors of this printing technology .

The binders worked without problem the fact is that the shipping it is terrible since i am located in EU too .

In this case i chose to try 3dcolors.pl i have ordered some binders from them and i hope to test them in January 2018 .


I read your comments ont his page and it’s always nice to have different feedbacks. There is also a company in France named GECKO 3D and they have very good products, the binders are vivid and the red is nce and the powder works on our machine, we have similar results as OEM.

A good point you can ask them to make a part sample in order to see the results and the rendering…By this way you know what you can expect.

I hope this will help some of you !

Take 1 Liter of demineralized water (0,5€), add 0.1 L of isopropilic alchool (1.5€) and you got 1.1 Liters of clear binder.

Advantages over any official or third party Clear (note: powder is PXL, with other powders behaviour may be different)

  • 2€ per liter versus 50 to 100 times more
  • doesn’t go rotten after few months
  • parts dry in half time or less
  • parts are so hard that you don’t even need colorbond or similar (if you print white and don’t need to boost the colors)

Disadvantages: cannot mix with standard clear binder. Is this a problem, since the tank gets filled with 10€ worth of mixture ?