HI all…I thought the follow 3D Hubs enthusiasts would appreciate this: We launched a Kickstarter on Autodesk Meshmixer which is (as of now) over 20 hours of training, with award levels starting (for the full course) around $25. We think that’s a great deal to learn this awesome software, and for the 3D Hubs crowd, even more so.

We are a 3D printing educational company, but we started off our businesses life as a full service print/design/rapid prototyping retail shop. Everyone who came to us wanted education and training, so we went in the direction instead.

If you are a Hub, aspire to be one, or want to design 3D printable objects, Meshmixer is a critically valuable tool. Specifically to what the 3D Hubs crowd would care about:

  • One click fixing of model errors
  • Sculpting with digital clay
  • Organic support structure generation that can be selectively edited (added/deleted)…that you can also use in conjunction with your slicer’s support structures if desired
  • Many 3D model shaders, but one specific one: real-time overhang analysis that lets you visually see where overhangs are (based on your specific printer), that updates dynamically as you sculpt, add, remove material.
  • a “Make Solid” tool that fixes self-intersections, holes in your model, and other errors to make your model printable.
  • Pattern tools to give your models more interesting surface features
  • The ability to do all of that and more to accurate places on your mesh, to manipulate only the triangles/polygons that you want to affect

We think this is a great deal, and since we use Meshmixer daily in our own 3D printing, we know that you will too, once you have a good handle on this great software!


Nick (co-founder, HoneyPoint3D)

P.S. - We also added a $75 award level where you get the training, but also access to 3D models that we are creating with our pair of Artec scanners (around $18K each)


Yeah! Meshmixer is the first thing to learn! And I think 3D printing education is really going to be a really big thing in the future! Thanks for sharing this guys.

Our pleasure…and we just reached our funding goal yesterday…hooray!

Lovely success! Hopefully in the future people will be familiar with meshmexier just as they are with Word

And now that the Kickstarter has been out for a while, we just opened up our educational offerings for $20/month for the Meshmixer class, Intro to 3D printing class, and we are working on a large Fusion 360 class which will release in the next month or so! http://www.honeypoint3d.com/education