Hello, I am new to 3d printing. I own and operate a 3d ultrasound business in which my machine (GE Voluson E8) renders 3d/4d volume ultrasound images of babies. We have been asked almost daily if we would ever consider 3d printing from images obtained. We have set a goal to start printing within 3 months. I have a few questions. Also, by our projections it looks like we could perform anywhere from 20-30 prints a month. 1.what is a good plug and play 3d printer to start with? 2.can I take ultrasound images from usb and print them? 3.how many printers should I get with projected volume? 4.dumb question but my machine already has a slicing feature do I have to use a software? Thanks

Hi JSpros
Have you had any success with your ultrasound 3D printing?