I would like to know if its possible to get the 3D printing done for the design done using 3DS Max software ?



Hi! I’m pretty sure, that you can export “stl” files, try “stlout”, that’s the command that works in AutoCAD. This file is all you need for 3d printing, by the way if you get asked, if the stl should be binary or not then select “yes, has to be binary”. If you want some low cost 3d prints done contact me: http://www.3dhubs.com/siegen/hubs/marius -Marius

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Yes definitely! I believe you can export directly to STL from the 3DS Max Software

Hey Ravi,

I’ve used 3ds max for my designs all the time.

So, yes it’s possible.

Note that the way for exporting to .STL is by selecting your object and than use ‘Export’ in the 'Max’ menu and choose STL when the exporting window pops up. If you try “Export Selected” you can’t choose for the STL format.

I’ve read that 3ds max does not make solid objects. is it possible to export and then create thickness?