Since we’re all 3D printing we know that a good showcase model is worth tens of thousands of words and all the perks that 3D printing gives professions like product designers, architects, and so, on.

To confirm that we made a showcase model of 3D printed wireless model, thus, for this type of equipment, its shape, dimensions, and the way it fits into hand are crucial. Yet, we managed to prepare a high-quality model - see for yourself :slight_smile:

It took us six iterations to find the most ergonomic shape and right weight - after that we switched on ZMorph 2.0 SX from time-saving lo-fi settings to the highest ones.

After 12 hours a high-quality prototype from white ABS was ready. With sandpaper and car filler she smoothened the surface of the 3D printed wireless mouse and then painted it with various oil paints.

12 hours and high-quality prototype from white ABS was ready - as a postproduction, we use sandpaper and car filler. Last but not least we painted it with various oil paints to make the look.

Have you ever before use a 3D printing to create a showcase model or encountered any difficulties during the process? And as always if ya have any questions just feel free to ask me! Regards!

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