Hello all,

I’ve got a Monoprice Select Mini and a bunch of threaded rod. I was hoping to build the frame featured here: http://project3d.tk/, but found the Mini’s build area was too small to print the required parts.

Anyone have recommendations for printers I can make RepRap-style on my MP Select Mini? Threaded-rod based frames would be preferred at this point, but I’m open to ideas.


Print a parts and glued it.

Glue in parts or look at local/close by Hubs that have the print area capacities.

What about i3 PRUSA?

Mendel. I’ve built 2 and they’re great with threaded rod. Done right, they are amazingly accurate. You can obviously print the parts you can and have someone on 3DHubs print you the bigger ones for a couple bucks.

The mendels are better for the threaded rod because the a-frame design helps keep it rigid and therefore more accurate on the z axis.

Like RubyFox said, I would use a program like MeshLab and cut the parts, Epoxy them together and then with the new printer reprint the parts you had to cut as one piece. I did that with a 100x100x100mm build area printer on several things.

You can order the parts off of a 3dhub (I have one and am in of business)

Then you’ll need a bigger printer.

Or you can slice your model up using mesh mixer and glue the pieces together

This isn’t as good as printing in one piece, though. It’s a lazy solution. Do it right, print it on one piece.My MendelMax 2 has a print volume of 450x340x460

Hi, How large do you have to print ?

I have 300x300x400 and I can print it for you.

Just tell me when you are interested.