How loud are 3D Printers and can the noise be reduced in any way?!

I’m interrested in buying a 3D printer and I’m thinking to buy a DeltaWASP.

But i can’t put it in a place where noone cares about its noise.
So i have to place it in my room and there the noise really matters!

Sadly producers do not publish the noise of their Printers (in dBa).

Maybe anyone could give me some information how they deal with the noise of their Printers!

Sincerly, Helmi56


Hi there! Most printers are fairly quiet, but still too loud to be in the same room with for hours. The noise varies on the printspeed and how well the axis’ are lubricated. You could build a box around the printer with noise dampening material on the inside. You might know the foam panels, that audio studios use, to get a very quiet room. If you put that foam on the inside the printer should run very quietly. Cheers, Marius Breuer

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Hi there!

The noise produced by 3D printers FFF is directly proportional to the speed of printing, typically at a rate of 50/60 mm / s the sound of a 20x40 DeltaWASP measured at 1 meter in our lab is around 48/50 dB, the measurement environment with the machine off is about 45dB.
I would say therefore that DeltaWASP is a very silent.

Since you are interested in purchasing take a look here:

P.S. the axes of transmission of the DeltaWASP not be lubricated.



rapidLAB 3D

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Using my cellphone with a dBs meter it reaches 75dB due to a new powered extruder fan.

But sincerely I don’t know how much ireliable isthe program

I think that isnot find a good idea to let printer into your room during the night


Of course you can do something, you can make a structure with thicker walls and soundproof. The Delta is in fact a bit noisy, but as you’ll know for sure is so noisy because of a very powerful fan that allows you to print a deck of 15 cm suspended in the air, thereby reducing the need to print media. I had your same doubt when I bought it and I finally put in the room as you. At the time, however, if you began printing had to end it. Today with the “Stop and Save” and “resurrection system” does not have problems when you go to bed and is no longer time to make noise save everything and resume tomorrow However I work in Wasp, if you need anything you can call the company and say you talked to me (Nicolò) or with Sebastiano who speaks very good English, or contact me by email If you need anything else available. Hello and see you soon

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Hi All,

I’m fairly new about 3D printers but I’m very satisfied of my brand new Wasp Delta.

I can’t say it’s silent but the noise it’s very constant and concentrated in the middle lower frequency (the less annoying).

On buying this kind of machine you must take in count that to print a small object could take 3 hours, so most of the time you better start the print just before leaving the office and get done in the morning.




Milano (IT)

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Thx for such a fast and nice Answer. I’m really shocked how nice this community is O.O!

Definitely going to use this opportunity, thx for your E-mail.

It’s a pleasure! Nice to meet you

Dear Helmi56, despite the fact that I really love my Deltawasp I have to say that I heard other brands that are more silent. Sure this is my personal opinion and I did not compare the printers with any instrument or even checking printers one by one in the same day, so i can still be wrong but…when I heard a kenstrapper in a fair or a makerbot I had the feeling it was more silent (or maybe it was just more noisy around?). I am also curious to know other opinions… My Deltawasp 20x40 is in my bedroom and it is really difficult to sleep if it works! 1-the noise, 2-the led lights! suggestion: prepare a sound insulating box to put around when you go to sleep (out of foam, pressed wool or EPS for example). Covering it the whole day would be a pity cause a Deltawasp is beautiful!!! Claudia @ lafilanda3D hub

Hello Helmi56

Printer wasp 20x40 is perhaps one of the quietest but it is impossible to sleep while it is printing. if you have to make special prints you increase the fan speed and noise will greatly increase. I have a 20x40 Delta in the dining room and I never had any complaints.

I think Marius Breuer has given the right advice, creates a box with sound-absorbing panels and enter the printer in careful, however, attention to ventilation of the printer.
Contact me for any information.

Best Regards


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My 3D printer, EcubMaker Fantasy II, work great and quiet

I can work on my computer beside the 3D printer with no noise pollution

Here is the link to the 3D printer than I use

These vibration dampers (or vibration feet) are an easy 3D printable solution for the Prusa i3 MK2. Vibration Damper for Prusa i3 mk2 UPDATE: Thicker and sturdier version released by hofftari - Thingiverse

I just built my Ender 3 3D printer noise free with the following updates:

  1. Replaced the frame nuts with square nuts and added lock washers to avoid them from backing out and rattling.
  2. Replaced the metal bearings with Dry-Lin Polymer Bearings.
  3. Attached your 3d printer to a melamine board with heavy duty zip plastic ties by drilling holes on the board under the screws.
  4. Placed anti-vibration EVA pads on top of the table, and placed your 3D printer or melamine board on top of the EVA pads.
  5. Installed the cork gaskets on the motors to avoid vibration.