Hi, I was wondering if anyone would have a clue why this happens. I have attached an image and The used model file. Thank you
holder_v3.stl (1.24 MB)

I can try to print it later to see but I would say that supports or something is missing or not enough on that top part of the model in the pic.

So the filament is laying down in thin air basically.

Ah yes of course, i think i printed it so that it tries to print in the air. Never thought of that.

Will try to print it standing so that the material has support all the way to the top

If you wan’t to print it, go ahed and try :slight_smile: iv’e run alot of test on the model and it should not be anything wrong with it.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Well assuming that the bottom of the image is connected to the build platform. This happens because the model has an overhang. The printer however has nothing to print this first layer onto. To solve this issue you should enable support in your slicer program.

In short you are printing in air and need a support structure to solve this.

I am giving it a print while testing new nozzles. I have found one issue already but easily fixable so I will post pics when done.

Here are the results. Printed ok. First pic from the slicer is of how I rotated it 90 degrees so the supports would build 90 degrees to the top lines giving then something to sit on.