The prints of my Builder Dual Feed are not always constant. For example, when i use the same gcode the second printing already different from the first one. Usually the first layer goes wrong. Are there more people with a builder or the same problem?

i show some pictures:

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I have the same builder myself. Looks like problems with the adhesion to your bed. Try printing on the glass bed with a layer of woodglue. I get pretty good results that way.

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Hello Luuk, when I look at the pictures it seems to me that the layer thickness is very small. Personally I always print the first layer at 0,3 mm thickness, to make a firm foundation.

Besides that the material comes loose from the bed. I use a scotch 3M glue stick to glue the print to the bed (with PLA), that works great.

Greetings, Leo

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I do not have this issue with my Big Builder. It looks like you are using masking tape for your print surface, are you replacing the tape in between prints? I would guess that it is more of a print surface issue than something with the printer. I’ve had good results with hairspray on heater glass bed or buildtak/printinz on cold bed.

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This is the glue I use.

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I personally like to apply wood glue with a paint roller as it’s gives a smoother finish than a gluestick. But they both work (you don’t have to clean a paint roller when using a glue stick tough :P) :slight_smile: During my time at Code-P we tested many different options but those two always came out on top :stuck_out_tongue: My personal opinion is that the thickness of the first layer should be 0.2mm or thicker as Leo mentioned too. I always print with a layer thickness of 0.2mm so i don’t use a different thickness on the first layer and get pretty good results that way :slight_smile:

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Hi Luuk,

Most common solutions already given below. Here some online troubleshooting guides. published by Ultimaker and Reprap but most items are applicable for the Builder as well. : Print Troubleshooting Pictorial Guide : Getting better prints : print quality troubleshooting guide

Hi Luuc,

Sometimes I have the same problems with my Builder. I found out that you have to calibrate the print bed again.

I check it once in the ± 3-5 times I print, and mostly it needs some hight adjustment (still don’t know why)

A lot of builder users have this problem (I know 3 persons who use(d) a Builder and have the same problems)

Good luck

P.s. I use a first layer hight of 0.3 and that works fine

For the first layer I recently tried a new methode by cominating tape on the platform with glue on the tape… this works mostly good for me…