Discover this amazing 3D printed fully functional stool. It was designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 using the Voronoi Sketch Generator plugin by Pedro Ruiz from Adafruit.

The chair seat is 27cm x 27cm x 6cm and was printed on a Type A Machines Series 1. The legs are a 2.22cm x 91.44cm wooden dowels.

You can download for free this great 3D model here:

Let’s 3D print your own furniture!



Who will try to sit on it?

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Very cool! If only I had a printer that large…

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Nice design

Cool stool :slight_smile:

Very nice Stool !

And also very useful plugin :slight_smile:


Any chance of a glue-together seat so we can print on every day printers.

You can download NetFabb Basic (it’s free) to “Cut” the STL in different part.

Then you can glue them together (I use Cyanoacrylate glue or Epoxy) :slight_smile: