Every day we generate tons of waste, we throw away things that can be really useful in the right context. Starting from that point, @flowalistik has tried to combine the potential of 3D printing with one of the most common types of waste: food and beverage cans. The result of this idea is available for everyone, the Campbell Planter.

Living or working in a small place usually means the area is not plant-friendly. They require some water, attention and they can get your workspace dirty. Focused on this problems, this 3D printed adapter is a material saving way to give a new life to any type of can and make use of their functionality and neat design.

Here are some of the key aspects of this project:

Material optimization. One part adapter designed to be 3D printed. No support material is needed, smooth surface and material saving (25g of filament for the regular soda can adapter).
Low cost and Availability. Cans can be found everywhere and for a reasonable price (free if you look on the trash bin).
Environmentally friendly. Reuse instead of recycle. Planter suitable for offices and small apartments (it can be near wires or electronic devices with no danger).
Resizable. The design can be scaled to fit any can size. The source files are available to modify any aspect of the design.

More informations and 3D models available on Cults here: https://cults3d.com/en/home/campbell-planter-fully-3d-printed-self-watering-planter


If anyone wants to know, I ate 800gr of ravioli bolognese just to make the pictures. It was a very bad decision, but I’d do anything for 3D printing.


Love this @flowalistik more models please :smiley:

I have one printing on the zortrax as we speak


I drank 1 Coca-Cola Life Can. Less awful, but still…


Well, you’re very dedicated!!

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This is a great model and idea!

This shows that 3D Printing can print VERY functional objects, as well as awesome toys. What a great use of this manufacturing technology!


This looks great! I went to download it but it wanted me to create an account and go through the shop checkout. That can’t be right can it?

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It’s free. Checkout or not, you won’t have to pay anything (except the content of the can).

So I do create a shop account?

Where are you trying to download it? On Cults?

Yes on Cults

Hey @Steelmans. You’re right, you have to be logged-in to download on Cults. It’s a way to protect designers and their work, because by signing-in you agree to respect their work :wink:

Do not hesitate to post picture of your print here!

That brought back awful memories from when I was in college and I got 10 or 12 cases of canned ravioli for free. It sounded awesome because of free food and a very limited budget. Each case had like a dozen cans. All was bliss for the first week. After one or two cans a day for a don’t want to remember how long, it was too much. I can’t see one of those cans even today without remembering the horrible after taste. 3D printing is about 20 years too late to be able to put those cans to good use.

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