For project below our user used basic post-production techniques to make them look like time-worn metal antiques. Do you use any more advanced post-productions techniques for your 3D prints?

Below you can find how he made it:

3D printing the project took 28 hours of printing (0.2 mm layer, 30 mm/s) with yellow PLA - after removing the support the object was cleaned with sandpaper and a soldering iron. Later author painted the entire object with epoxy to make it waterproof.

Giving antique feel.

To make it more durable a few coats of primer from a spray can were applied. After that Victor used instant iron base coat ​which gave the object forged from metal look - at the end the instant rust finisher was applied.

The last details like eyes were made with a black felt pen and a brush - at the end, the whole object was painted with a flat varnish to preserve the artificial rust.

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You could use an iron-fill filament and brush it with an acid or just let it naturally rust in environment to get the same effect with much less work. Using the metallic coating and letting that rust is a pretty cool idea, I like it!