In Chinese Zodiac, since Feb. 8, 2016 it’s the year of the Monkey. That’s why AMAO designed this very cute and fully articulated Formosan Macaque. The artist hope to use this opportunity to draw attention for Formosan macaques in Taiwan.

In fact, Formosan macaques, have been inhabiting in Mountain Shou-shan in Taiwan for many years. In recent years, tourists or local residents involving in feeding macaques have been raising a controversial issue. The foraging behavior of these macaques have been changing, and the macaques have becoming dependent upon handouts increasingly. In addition, the intense monkey-human conflict have been occurred resulting an even bigger problem.

Find out even more informations about the Formosan Macaque and the free STL files here: Free STL file Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques・3D printing design to download・Cults

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