To make it clear - it’s not a working 3D printed gun. It’s a stylish prop you can impress your friends with :wink: We 3D printed this gun on ZMorph 2.0 SX - Bronzefill and Woodfill filaments used for this projects are mixes of plastic and bronze and plastic and wood. ​

Rotary tumbler for Bronzefill and sandpaper with varnish for Woodfill allowed us to give these parts a natural feel of bronze roughness and a smooth, glowing surface of the varnished wood.

It took us about 40 hours just to print the parts - but all the effort paid back, doesn’t it?


We used the amazing free Old Pistol design made by 3DCreatory


This is absolutely awesome! Great job.

Maybe I will try this one too. Thanks for showing.