Not sure what the issue is since I’m new at this. Can someone tell me why my prints are coming out like this?

I’m using 1.75mm filiament
Ender 3 printer
100% print speed
Bed is 32 degrees
Nozzle is 200 degrees
Bed is level

Could be a number of issues to cause that. But ultimately that is under extrusion of the plastic. So you have issues with the plastic leaving the nozzle. Could be too cold for the filament, so up the temp (what filament is it?) or it’s not got a grip of the filament in the extruder motor? When it prints, does it “click” and skip?

I’m using TIANSE Red PLA 3D Printer Filament. No clicking or skipping when printing. When I read the reviews on that filament, they say 205 works and I have mine set at 200.

How would I check the nozzle is backed up? I’m new and don’t want to mess it up.

hmmmm, you may have a loose extruder gear? You will need to check that the extruder motor is gripping onto the filament well - push and pull the filament, it should move the stepper motor?

If that is OK, maybe a blocked nozzle, try heating to 230°C and then extruding about 50-80mm of filament though it.

Assume the settings are all as per normal - i.e. you haven’t set any weird retraction settings or anything that is causing the filament to go back too much?

Thanks. I’ll try when I get home. No, have not set anything yet.