Hey guys,

You read some time ago about @visionflight’s really cool project that is the x0mb1e drone.

Well we got so excited about it here at 3D Hubs that we decided to print one in our Lab! And not a simple PLA drone, we decided to use the awesome Carbon Fiber XT-CF20 from @, in order to achieve an unbreakable machine !

First part was printed today and came out pretty well, you can see it here chillin’ with our XT-CF20 test print Marvin :wink:

We used a leapfrog Creatr HS with this principal settings :

  • Colorfabb XT-CF20 Filament
  • Layer Height : 0,1
  • Extruder temp : 250°C
  • Printing speed : 3000 mm/min
  • Extrusion multiplier : 1,20 (Flow 120%)
  • Infill : 50%

Unfortunately we enabled the supports and the horizontal holes are filled with Carbon fiber supports… So don’t forget to disable support if you plan on printing the X01 drone !

Anyway we still have some tweaks and improvement for the settings to make the best out of this material ! If you have any tips feel free to share :wink:

Hope you guys like it, will keep you updated during the whole process !

Cheers !

- 3D Hubs Lab’s Team -


I would maybe dial back the extrusion multiplier…maybe to about 105%

So nice, Victor! Thanks @visionflight for passing on an awesome project :wink:

At 3m / min speed, must be something to watch it being built. 5cm / sec. Good printer.

And, yes, I know an extra 0 got in there - But that doesn’t stop my mind from envisioning it.

Hey RCole,

As crazy as it can seems, I am really printing at 3m/min.

In fact @ColorFabb advise to print XT-CF20 between 40 and 70 mm/s ! So I’m still on the Low-speed side !


Thanks Steven for the Hint.

I’ve now set it to 110% and getting slightly better result :wink:


Oops, yeah, my bad. When I read the specs on the Creatr HS, my mind said 300mm / min and I see that it actually says it can do 300 mm / sec. I think I’ve been reading too many filament specs which specify 30 - 40 mm/s.

I’ll have to look and see if I can find a video of the Creatr doing 300 mm/s - just for fun.

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That is awesome! We are going to try it for sure! Thanks @gabriela3d that means a lot to us!

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Can’t wait for it myself! @victorp and @Mercedes, no pressure, yeah? :wink:

Ahah no problem man sometime units get confusing :wink:

Yes the Creatr HS can print really fast, I will try to push it a bit with standard PLA !


Don’t worry @gabriela3d and @visionflight, it is gonna be awesome :wink:

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