With the recently announced Spark platform, Autodesk is making another leap forward with 3D design and fabrication software. It is for this reason we are partnering with Spark, as we look to continue connecting the world’s largest 3D print network to the global leader in 3D design software.

The partnership between 3D Hubs and Spark, will work in two ways:

• 3D Hubs plans to use certain Spark software elements which will help create an even more seamless experience for our users to get a 3D print made. We’ll work closely with the Spark team to make sure that their software meets the demands of our users.

• 3D Hubs becomes the first 3D print service provider to announce an integration with the Spark platform, so that Spark users without a 3D printer can have their designs produced in over 140 countries, on nearly 9,000 Hubs

Let us know what you think or share any questions you have!


Hi @Brian that is really interesting - do you have any more details - the information on spark is thin on the ground. - I am a heavy Autodesk user so it should be interesting for me!

You might want to ask them about integration into other platforms - whenever Iget Inventor to spit out an STL it takes me to other AutoDesk sponsored print solutions - would be good to see 3dhubs there!


Hey @James_2 good to hear you’re a heavy Autodesk user, its good to know people who can test integrations for us in the wild.

Which 3d printing services does inventor link up to and what is the flow, there is a software in between I asume? If you could attach a screenshot that would be super helpful! Of course we would love to get integrated with Inventor and other Autodesk tools as well.

Regarding Spark itself we can’t say too much other than what has been shared in the press as its still under development and pretty early days. As soon as we have more to share we’ll let you know on Talk.

Whenever you export an stl (in inventor) you get the stl and a realy annoying web pull up (I wish I knew how to stop it)!

Seems to be machien specific - so when I sent the web link to another PC it did not pull up the page - so here is a screen shot.

So there is a platform they could put you on NOW!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sending over the screen shot, I’ll have a chat with the folks at Autodesk to see if we can be mentioned there, would be great as there are lots of Inventor users out there.