Hey everyone,

just wanted to see how many people would be interested in an app for 3D hubs.

I think it would be really nice if we could have all our jobs come up in an app and be able to post images and reply to these forum questions etc. from an app.

If there is enough interest I will contact the people in charge and get them keen.

Please feel free to give suggestions as to what you would like to see in the app as well.


do you have an update on this @Brian?

No sorry I posted this only this morning so nothing yet. Really think I need to contact 3D hubs directly though

Hey guys, we get request for this from time to time but for now we plan to stick with the Responsive Site. Building an app is quite an undertaking and we’ve got different priorities at the moment to focus on.

What could be interesting is posting all your ideas here: http://3dhubs.uservoice.com/forums/212175-3d-hubs-forum and collect supports to show how many people want this, it helps us prioritize accordingly.



I’d definitely be interested. I travel a lot and print using remote software. an app would help in communicating with customers and checking order status while on the road

Great to make a app.

But maybe when you stick to the mobile site, you can implement a chrome push alert??

See: http://www.greenbot.com/article/2911548/websites-can-now-send-push-alert…

Hope it will help :D.

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Oops double. See reaction below.

Thanks - will share it with the developers :slight_smile:


yes please it would be awesome.

It would definitely be interesting to have a phone app that would allows us to manage our printers and orders. It’s quite simple as it is from the desktop version of the website but making 3d hubs mobile-friendly would be an incredible update from you guys !

Keep up the good work !



I was wondering how we are now wiith this app

A iphone and ipad version would be really nice

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Would love to see a good app for 3D Hubs on the go. This is a huge undertaking but just wanted to throw in that there is interest for this.


Hey @grantbeall, thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass on the request to the team. We don’t have any plans in place for this in the upcoming months, but we’ll give it some more thought! Cheers

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i got an email that there is an app in vShare, didn’t find it,

It was mentioned by @michilan8