Hi all,

I’m trying to print off some game pieces for war-games. My pieces are 20mm in width, 2 mm tall to the top of the hat and 3mm tall to the top of the bayonet. I’ve tried a few printers and they all say that this really is pushing it on what can be done in 3d printing. I’m debating using laser cutting to do it now, but that is much more expensive and sort of changes my calculus for doing this. Anyway, attached is a picture of the game piece.

My questionsare:

1) Is there any technology that can print this in good resolution at the sizes noted above?

2) If not, how big would I have to make this to get some decent resolution?

Hi Zachariah I would maybe recommend using SLA printers as they are the best at small details. (Try looking for a hub that offers the formlabs printer) Best of luck

You might also try a Z printer. They are more expensive to print with, but they do a very high resolution and color. (The finished product is ceramic)

I have a form 2 that can print in .025mm layers. If you’d like to send me your file I can do a test print and photograph the results for you.

You should try Polyjet printer, around 43micron resolution xy and 16 micron resolution per layer.

I think your best bet would be a good SLA printer. With the right setup and material, it should be well within the capabilities of SLA.

Personally id like to take a look at the model, and possibly try such a small part. but any SLA printer should be able to handle that, you can also go the route of a printerjet both should be able to make it