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Hey guys, we don’t have any more space at home so we are looking to sell two of our replicators. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s an incredibly reliable printer, amazing quality every time and very easy to use. The printers have been kept in perfect condition, you can see that by the fact that we have always kept spare parts to make sure we maintain them well. It truly produces fantastic quality prints, the MakerBot software is extremely easy to use, a great machine for both new users and those looking to get a second printer thanks to it reliability and ease of use. They both come with spare parts all of which were purchased from authorised MakerBot resellers. Both printers have 2 Bot-Steps, spare belts for all motors - 2 x Y-axis small belt, 1 x X-axis belt, 4 sets of plastic parts for extruder. Power block and BuildTak sheet on the bed included. Selling them for 1200 euro each, i’m in Europe so let me know if you are interested and I can look at a shipping quotation.

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Are the printers still for sale?

Hi are you interested in any trades

Hi Chris, my apologies for the very delayed reply, I never got a notification about your message. The printers are still available. If you are still interested please email me directly at jennings.mira@gmail.com

Hi, unfortunately we are only looking to sell them as they are great machines but we don’t have the space for more printers. If you are interested in buying them please email me at jennings.mira@gmail.com