Hey guys I have just recently received a MonoPrice select 3d printer and I have already had a few issue with it. The first issue is that I’m using Cura and the printer is having a hard time printing a good quality print and keeps messing up. The second issue is that half the time my printing had will move to the upper right corner and keep moving until I either turn it off or hit cancel print enough times. Also Ive searched all over the internet had have found no fixes

Can you post an example pic of how it is messing up?

does it print the included gcode files ((baby elephant and cat) ok?

In Cura, I’m sure you set it up as per the manual, next thing to do would be lo “load settings from gcode” and choose the baby elephant gcode file from the SD card. Then tweak those settings (I always use a heated bed, etc) and save that profile out

Hey there. I’m no expert on 3d printers but I’ll help out how I can. Having said that, we’ve have very good luck with our printer so far. I’m going to address your second issue first: I’ve had the same issue with our printer, sometimes it slams against the x-stop and tries to continue… Was that after trying another print right after cancelling a print? I’ve gotten in the habit of just shutting the machine down after a cancelled print and starting over again. It starts up so quickly it hasn’t been an issue. Now your first problem… what kind of trouble are we talking here? Print won’t stick to the bed? Burning? We’ve been using the Mini and Cura exclusively and have had excellent results (any model we have up on our hub is with this combo as it’s our only machine for now.) Send us some more info and we’ll pin it down. A few suggestions: Get the bed level obviously… we had some issues with that until we got better at it. Follow the directions in the User’s Manual. It’s simple, but take your time! Going around to the four corners and shimming it once may not be enough. When you think you’ve got it right, check again… adjusting the other 3 corners a lot may make the 4th different again. Take the tape off and use glue… we have had AWESOME luck using glue directly on the plate. It lasts for a good 5 or 6 prints and re-application is simple.

I ended up returning mine to Amazon for a full refund. I had the same issue.

I had the issue with the x-axis too, but the restart method is an easy fix. As for the sticking, I use buildtak. It’s super cheap, and amazing! No tape, no glue, reusable - it is really amazing. Buy a few, in case you hack into it with a knife. My printer started dropping ball bearing from the x-axis linear bearing, so I’m returning it for a new one. As for quality, I get amazing prints, right out of the package. If you level the bed and are still getting garbage, return it ASAP.


i had the same problem with mine for a bit. Are you using the newest version of cura? Try using the version that comes with the printer it should fix the problem.


How do save the profile out? No instructions in th manual for that.

Currently the printer is running at 190 Celsius extrude temperature and the heat bed is running at 60 Celsius. The print seems to always warp in either the upper or lower left corner. The settings in Cura are pretty standard from the manual. Not much more to it.

I accidentally deleted mine.

Care to share the file?

This seemed to be the answer to my out of bounds issue - THANKS!!

I found a solution for the out of bounds problem that doesn’t require any work between prints. In the start gcode, put G90 under the M502 reset firmware command. It completely solved the problem for me.